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Vepsä island

The island used to be a hiding place for smugglers. Today, Vepsä is known as a popular day trip destination and a recreation area in the city of Turku. The island of Vepsa is located in the middle of the Airisto outcrop. The island is a great day trip destination, water bus operates daily from Turku. In Vepsa from the top of the magnificent rock, which rises 27 meters above sea level, you can gaze at the scenery in the direction of Satava, Nauvo and Rymättylä. Vepsa has a safe beach, a kiosk, a cafe-restaurant and saunas, boats and canoes for rent. For longer stays, there are also holiday cottages for rent.


Vepsa is a great place for camping, as the island's log cottages and gabled camping cottages can accommodate a total of 75 people. On the island you can also stay in a tent in a separate camping area, or in your own boat at the guest boat dock. The island has an A-licensed cafe-restaurant and a summer kiosk, which are open during summer season. The restaurant serves lunch daily and an alacarte menu for adults and children. The island's representative sauna with a fireplace is a great place to organize a company recreation day or even a meeting in the middle of the most beautiful Airisto. Catering can be ordered in advance for the representative sauna.

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Naantali and the archipelago are interesting group travel destinations for groups of all sizes. There is plenty to see in Naantali and the archipelago is full of unique places to visit. The historic wooden house town and surrounding archipelago offer incredible stories and a fun program for a group trip as you think about what to do for the group. Kultaranta and Moomin World are familiar destinations in Naantali.


The boat takes you directly to the heart of the city, in the middle of an idyllic wooden house environment. In a sheltered harbor, everything is compactly close by. A couple of steps away are charming restaurants, cafes, interior and fashion boutiques, galleries and boater services. You will come here to eat, go to a concert, theater, spend the evening and go shopping. The joys of families with children - Moomin World, the beach and the playground - are all almost within sight.

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In 1619, the King of Sweden ordered the establishment of Seili Hospital. Centuries of role as a hospital island have shaped Seili into a unique destination. Sailing's fascinating history combines intoxicating cultural landscapes, significant research work at the University of Turku and high-quality services. Connecting ships from Turku, Nauvo and Hanga will take you to Seili, the arms of the archipelago.


Seili's red boat sheds, grove-like nature and beautiful courtyards create a whole that is unmatched anywhere else. Seili is an absolute choice for the curious traveler. On Sail Island you are in the middle of the most beautiful archipelago. At the same time, however, the historic buildings are reminiscent of the islands wild past. In the main building of the island there is Restaurant Seili and a cafe. Guided tours introduce you to the uniqueness of the island and the research done on the island by the University of Turku.

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Maisaari is an island in the city of Turku and is located in the Naantali archipelago. Maisaari's nature is diverse and there are several nature and sightseeing trails on the island. The island has a child-friendly sandy beach for swimming, frisbee, football and soccer golf courses as well as volleyball and badminton courts + other outdoor games for free use and equipment can be borrowed free of charge from the Maisaari office.


The island offers visitors free logs in barbecue places, there are 13 barbecue areas on the island. There is a kiosk where you can get your daily needs from ice cream to a toothbrush and baked donuts in the morning. Food is available from the pizzeria, and for groups ordered in advance, the restaurant has liquor licenses. In terms of price, Maisaari is one of the cheapest but cleanest islands in the Archipelago Sea.

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Utö is the southernmost inhabited island in Finland and belongs to the city of Parainen in the area of ??the former municipality of Korpo. Utö is located in the southern part of the Archipelago Sea, about 90 kilometers west of Hanko, about 88 kilometers southwest of Turku. Utö was inhabited around 1540. The islands and groups of islands of Utö are located, like a gate, in the ridge that leads to the inland Archipelago Sea. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of shipwrecks in the area�s waters.


The island of Utö has a harbor, a pilot station, a lighthouse commissioned in 1817 (originally completed in 1753, but later destroyed) with a chapel and historical monuments. In the Local History Museum you can get acquainted with the lives of lighthouse guards, pilots and soldiers. The old fort has been a garrison for decades. In spring and summer, the lone islets of Utö are at their most beautiful, when nature wakes up, birds nest and boats fill the piers. The connecting ship Eivor operates to the island. There is a shop, post office and Guided tours of the Archipelago Sea National Park, also for groups.

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Fortress Island, national park, hotel, restaurant and guest marina. örö's 200-hectare fort island introduces us to the history of our coastal defense. The main attractions of the island are the well-preserved barracks, the heavy Obukhov cannons and the defensive stations and fortresses of various ages. örö is also one of the most important concentrations of endangered species and habitats in Southern Finland. örö comprises two hundred hectares of unspoilt forest, sandy and rocky beaches, handsome promontories and fine gullies and moors. To the west is a long, more than 3-kilometer sandy and gravel beach with many rare plants. The largest plant rarities are the western cold flower and the southern cold flower, which occur in Finland only in örö. The island is located in the Archipelago Sea National Park, in the Archipelago Sea, it is open during the summer season and can only be reached by water.


örö Fortress Island offers an interesting overview of the history of coastal defense from the time of the tsar to the present day. The main historical attractions are the 12-inch barracks area and heavy artillery battery, the 6-inch barracks area and artillery battery, as well as the most modern melee stations across the island. Tsarist cobblestone roads and marked hiking trails introduce you to various destinations.

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